Invest in Experience

Since October 1991, p.r.n. Medical Transcription Services has been providing high-volume medical transcription for the medical community in the Greater Miami Valley.

Located in Dayton, Ohio, our technology has allowed us to serve the medical transcription needs of  hospitals from Alaska to Texas - Mississippi to Ohio.  With more than just one solution up our sleeve, and a solution that can be customized to you - distance is not a factor when it comes to our high level of service.

  • In business since October 1991 - Over 20 years in the Industry.
  • Over 500 private practice physicians.
  • Medical Transcription for 5 military medical treatment facilities.
  • Dedicated US medical transcriptionists with a minimum of 5 years experience.
  • No contracts - we do business on a handshake.
  • A dedicated team of consummate professionals "equals" centuries of industry knowledge and experience.
  • Our business is to have a deep understanding of healthcare trends, developments and best practices - for YOUR business.

The role of the transcriptionist requires knowledge, skills, abilities, good working conditions, physical demands, many job responsibilities and certain performance standards. While a transcriptionist may have vast experience, to be the best in the field of medical transcription requires continuous education and research to keep abreast of current trends…you never really master transcription completely, without doing so. This is so important to remember, where the accuracy of the term and its spelling is as critical as the physician’s diagnosis.

We have, therefore, developed a system and support network that allows us to perform transcription for any specialty or subspecialty in the field of medicine. As a result of our vast experience, as mentioned above, we have encountered the potential difficulties with the variations in accents, speech patterns, et cetera. Ironically, while physicians work in a “sterile environment” they do not dictate in one. It is not uncommon to hear the smacking of gum, the strained dictation of someone with laryngitis or the twisted English of a Rumanian punctuated with a toilet flush and finding out he does not wash his hands. While these scenarios may seem amusing, they are commonplace in the transcription industry and it takes a trained ear, patience, exposure and education on the part of the transcriptionist as well as the dictator. It is likewise important to teach dictation to the dictator and we at p.r.n. make it a point to develop the necessary rapport to overcome these sometimes seemingly impossible barriers by working closely with our clients to gain a better understanding of their constraints and needs and to educate them, to provide the most accurate record.

Did you know?

E-mailing audio files to a transcriptionist or receiving completed transcripts through non-secure e-mail is a HIPAA violation?

  • When an e-mail is sent, it does not take a direct path to the recipient intended but it rather crawls across many e-mail servers in order to find its destination.  While the e-mail is traveling across these unknown servers, it is passed back and forth as plain text!  That means that anyone with access to that server or access to the network in which the e-mail has been sent on will be able to read the contents in their entirety!

    When moving dictation between different entities via e-mail, it is important to use commercially available encryption programs in order to protect the patient's PHI