What is the definition of a line?
Our lines are 65 characters including spaces. The line definition can be altered based on the customer needs. Ask your current transcription vendor on how they define a line, you may be surprised.

Do you offshore medical transcription services?
Under no circumstances will our company send your medical transcription offshore. All of our work is done within the United States by background checked medical transcriptionists. Our transcriptionists not only have a fantastic grasp of the medical vocabulary, but can also aid the physician in flagging misspeaks or other discrepancies they find in the medical record. This is a very valuable asset!

Is your software HIPAA compliant?
Yes! Our software is not only HIPAA compliant, but follows the governments FIPS 140-2 standards in order to make all data exchanges encrypted and secure. The medical transcriptionists will not be touching your EMR and will only be given the information necessary to complete that transcription. Our staff also undergoes yearly HIPAA and Privacy training overseen by the Department of Defense.

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Our practice is only one physician, can you still help?
Yes! We transcribe for single physician practices as well as large hospitals.  You get the same security, technology and treatment as the largest hospitals!  No client is too small.

What is included in the line rate?
The complete service!  All software, equipment, template changes, setup/install, training, corrections and ongoing manipulation of the software to meet your needs is included in the line fee - do not get burnt again by a low rate with hidden charges buried in the bill.

What about Offshore? Can’t we get MT cheaper in India?
FACT: Even though offshore MTs make only 2-3 cents a line, sending MT work offshore isn't any cheaper than having it done in the US. Generally offshore MTs are not big producers and are typically paid around $2500 a year. The average production is about 300 lines of transcription a day. So, 5 days/week times 50 weeks/year =75,000 lines/year. $2500/year divided by 75,000 lines/year = 3.3 cents a line. So, it takes 4 times the offshore resources to produce what an average US MT produces given that the average US MT can do 1200 lines in an 8-hour day.

And don’t forget the cost of facilities and added QA

Most offshore MTs are not work-at-home positions so those extra resources add up to additional facility costs. Now add to that how many offshore companies must put their transcription through 3 levels of QA; the first level for common English terms and slang; a second for medical consistency; and a third level to check the entire report. Even if their QA salaries were only an extra penny per line, those extra layers of QA double the cost of transcription to 6 cents per line and still does not include the costs of running the site where the MTs and QAs work.

Yeah, but 6 cpl is still pretty cheap!

Okay, so 6 cpl is still pretty cheap and India has millions of people; some even highly educated physicians, nurses, and other professionals. Regardless of their education and level of medical knowledge, English grammar plays a large role in an MT's ability to create accurate documents. So, while there are successful offshore MTs who are licensed physicians and nurses, they are rare, and many end up contracting to US-based services directly for the same rates a US company might pay an independent contractor in the US.

There’s no place like home…

None of this is to say that there aren't successful offshore MTs or offshore MT companies. There are. However, due to the factors mentioned above, an MT company in the US with at-home workers is generally highly competitive with offshore. Considering that offshore MT began in the early 90s and, there's still an overwhelming demand for US MTs quite simply because people with the skills and temperament to be good MTs are in short supply, no matter where you live.

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