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Client Referral Program

We are proud to offer our client referral program.  Our client referral plan is pretty straight forward:  Just mention p.r.n. to other medical practices like yours and let them know why they should trust p.r.n. as their transcription service provider.  When the NEW client uses our services, you will get a referral credit on your transcription invoice!

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Your Electronic Medical Record is Filled With Gibberish    ..when a note is finally generated, there is very little space or time left to put in what actually happened during the visit, that the doctor thought...  more..


EMR liability needs to go further than just the physician  This example of a disaster waiting to happen, in the form of an error-promoting CPOE, is a poster example of why the net of litigation needs to be cast far wider than just clinicians when EHR-related errors result in injury. more..

EMR Problems Hurt Doctor Efficiency, AMA Says  Inconsistent user interfaces, password fatigue, and the rapid pace of change continue to trip up doctors who are using electronic medical records.. more..

MTs v. EMRs - Along with SR/VR and OFFSHORE    Electronic Medical Records (EMR) cannot take the place of the Medical Transcriptionist (MT), however it might change the way the MT transcribes a physician’s dictation.  more..


A survey conducted by Thomson Reuters and HCPLexus suggests physicians are generally concerned about the negative effect of healthcare reform and electronic medical records on patient care, according to the executive summary.

The 2011 National Physicians Survey surveyed approximately 3,000 physicians, who were asked questions about their thoughts on healthcare reform and the impact of EMRs.

Results from the survey are as follows: