• Our proprietary medical transcription management program sets us apart from other transcription services for the following reasons:

  • Ÿ At no additional cost - you will enjoy a completely web based and customizable workflow management system that will provide you real time insight on documents in progress, problem dictations and the ability to listen, add comments or change the priority of a job.   You will also have unlimited accesss to your archive allowing you to retrieve documents transcribed previously.

    Transcription workflow at a glance:

    User Customizable Views  The system offers a customizable detailed view of pending transcripts, completed transcripts and transcripts awaiting processing.  Each detailed view can be customized per user to include things such as, date of birth, medical record numbers, patient names, dictation date, date of service, etc.

    Online Editor  Users also have the ability to edit documents, including the header and footer, directly on the web through its exclusive online editor that does not require the use of Microsoft Word.  Should you prefer Microsoft Word, we can do that too!

    Workflow Management -  Be in control of your workflow by employing a custom workflow to your transcription process.   Our workflow management tool will place the completed transcript in your inbox when it is ready for you!  Instanly know when logging in if there is any action that you need to take.  Our workflow will follow your needs - for example, if the physician needs to read the letters before we autofax, no problem - we can do it!

    We completely control the environment in which the medical transcriptionist performs and therefore, with the great security and safety features written into the software to eliminate the ability for a transcriber or user to store PHI in a manner in which is not authorized. Ÿ  This is one thing we can say that no other medical transcription company can:

     "At NO TIME is any patient information or audio file written or temporarily stored on the remote medical transcriptionists computer hard drive."

  • Secured Transcription Environment
    • Windows domain with all appropriate security policies applied.
    • FIPS 140-2 certified encryption methodologies are in use.
    • All Windows security updates applied within 15 days of release.
    • Role-Based permission privileges properly maintained.
    • Domain is protected by properly configured firewall devices.
    • Symantec End Point Protection kept Up-to-date on all workstations and servers.
    • All disks that store PHI, medical documentation and medical dictation are encrypted.
    • Complete audit trail showing any and all actions taken on a medical record.
    • The system is configured to allow a transcriptionist to have one encounter at a time – the next dictation is not dispensed to the transcriptionist until the previous one was been returned and all PHI and files relating to the previous dictation have been shredded.

    Do you have a technical question or special situation? E-mail our sales team today and one of our network experts will be happy to answer any questions to see if our service is the right fit for your organization. 
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Is FTP a safe way to move dictation?
It is one of the most unsafe ways. Although easy to implement and maintain, FTP is easy to intercept as transmission are delivered in clear text. Usernames, passwords and data can be intercepted and read while files are being transferred via FTP unless other encryption steps are taken.

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